Convivial Pursuit


Convival Pursuit


Convivial Pursuit


Medium : Acrylic on canvas

Image Size : 13” x 16”

Circa : 1987

Stalk and crouch. Lay a patch and pounce. Ouch! Chasing mama’s tail is fun and games. Educational, too. These cheetah cubs are in basic training for The Big One, when they’ll be on their own, winning is the only thing that counts and losers go hungry. Now take a lesson from mama, the fastest mammal on earth, as she stalks and crouches, lays a patch and pounces. She impacts the impala at 70 mph, then serves up a banquet. Nothing trivial about this pursuit.

-Charley Harper

Beguiled by the Wild, 1994


Edie's Original Artwork