Loon Rise


Loon Rise


Medium : Acrylic on canvas

Image Size : 30” x 17”

Circa :1986

It’s the looniest sound on earth. It’s one of nature’s musical treasures. Once you hear it, the uncommon cry of the common loon will become your wilderness theme song, engaging all of your senses in evocation of moonrise in the vast solitude of the Great North Country. But how would you ever describe it? Loonguists have called it “unearthly, primeval, maniacal”-the melody of madness, the lyrics of loonacy. Yet it is haunting, tremulous, sorrowful. The Loonlight Sonata.

-Charley Harper

Beguiled by the Wild, 1994

Charley Harper Originals


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Chip Doyle

Curator of the Harper Studio & Estate